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Age: thirty-something
Status: married with children
Location: New England
Coffee order: iced grande vanilla latte
OTP: Klaine
BroTPs: Kurtana, Blam
Desert-island ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Cookie

Likes: Glee, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, raging liberals, snark, sarcasm, thoughtful conversation, fangirls with a strong grip on reality, orchestra nerds, band geeks, sushi, gyros, almost any kind of cookie, toddlers who nap, playlists, baking, photography, quilting, talking in movie quotes

Dislikes: trolls, flame wars, hate, confusing actors with their characters, SPOILERS, paparazzi pictures, eggplant, olives, being late, people who break plans at the last minute, parents who refuse to enforce consequences

What would you say you do here?
As of the start of this space (August 2013), I’ll primarily be writing Glee recaps. Over the summer hiatus, I am re-watching Season 4, but plan to continue writing when Season 5 starts.
I will: post my recaps as quickly after the episode as I can (when re-capping the current season); put the vast majority of content under a cut, including any spoiler-y specifics; respond to comments; be snarky and critical; ultimately love the show, especially when it lives up to its incredible potential; respect the actors; squeal and possibly cry if/when Klaine gets back together
I will not: post or seek out any spoilers beyond what has aired in the U.S.; hate-watch; engage in tin-hat conspiracy theories
You might also see: plenty of meta-analysis, tangents on the nature of our celebrity culture, any other topic that tickles my fancy

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